Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sun Dyes for all Ages

I was blown away to get this email today from Kerry who bought some of my great Sun Dyes recently.

Hi Lisa.
My 4 yo grand daughter used the sun dyes today and made her first printed square of fabric.
We had no sun, so used the infra red lamp.
She chose the colours, poured them on and chose the shapes and placed them. You may recognise some. She also used quite a bit of salt.
She wasn't patient, and the shapes came off before it was dry, but the end result was great.
She told me we have to make more so I can make her a pretty quilt.
I have attached a photo of the end result. I hope you like her work ;-)


Check out the special price on the whole set on the website.


Kit Lang said...

After seeing this post (she really did have a great result, btw) I went to your website. How is it I have never been to your website?

it's fabulous! It's the best fiber artist website I've been to! User friendly, bright and clear, great photos, everything loads fast - you're my new hero! :)

(Seriously - I love it -and am going to use it as an example when I talk to "my guy" about designing my website.)

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