Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alice Springs

I have spent the last few days teaching in Alice Springs which, for those who aren't familiar with Australian geography, is right in the middle.

It is an amazing place with lots of incredible scenery due to the Macdonnell Ranges which surround it.

This is Emily Gap - the Gaps are so called as they are gaps in the ranges which would have allowed travellers to pass through.
 One of the waterholes. Freezing cold water.
 The views go on forever
 Colour is everywhere
 Aboriginal carvings of the Three Caterpillars
 Amazing textures in the bark of trees
 Ochre Pits - the grooves are from hundreds of years of scraping out the ochre
 The contrast of the rock formations against the sky are beautiful and seem to go on forever
We didn't have time to go to Uluru but there is enough beauty here in Alice and surrounding areas to really get the taste of the Australian outback.

Tomorrow we are off to Darwin - more adventures.


Robyn Anderson said...

Love these images Lisa, brings back so many memories. Have a great time in Darwin.nduchey isserv

Ali said...

Beautiful pictures - all the best for Darwin.

Peter said...

Fabulous views of the country. You're lucky to be there. Thanks for the images.

Vickie said...

I bet you are noticing the difference in temps now you are here Lisa compared to Alice,cheers Vickie