Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wonderful Lifestyle

I am very envious of my hostess Barbara and her lifestyle in Alice Springs. She and her sister Nancy have created an alladin's cave of creativity. They both knit and felt and Barb quilts and Nan is a potter. 

A luscious garden is full of little surprises
This tree is nicknamed the giraffe tree due to its weird growth pattern. Probably caused by bugs but really interesting
A small section of their living room/studio
I just loved the little budgies. Made from knitted then felted wool.
 Nan in her pottery studio making another meerkat. I have a set on their way to my home now. So cute.
It was wonderful to see two contented woman living such a creative and peaceful life.
They have a small house on the property which we stayed in while we were there and is able to sleep a small group who might want to have a retreat in Alice Springs. There is even the option of a car to use to sightsee. So if you are looking for an interesting venue in the middle of Australia - let me know and I can put you in touch

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Rachel Beh Waller said...

Thanks for that rare information from Alice Spring. Incidentally, some Malyasian friends of mine who are coming over to WA in August are just planning to to go Alice Spring. Could you please advice what is the best way of getting to Alice Spring, other than flying, from Perth, than I may want to find out more about Barb & Nancy's place. Thanks Lisa

From: Rachel Beh-Waller