Thursday, September 6, 2012

Village Halls

One of the best things about being a travelling quilt teacher - apart from all the lovely quilters you meet and the luscious cakes and things I have to force myself to eat (just to be polite of course) are the variety of venues you teach in.

Here in the UK I am teaching in  a lot of village halls and this one in Corfe for the Somerset Quilters really appealed. Above is a certificate presented to the village of the King at his desk. Below there is a licence to trade in Foodstuffs - specifically cakes, chocolates, eggs etc dated 1940 - I expect they have a more current one somewhere.
 There was a large map of the county which I expect was done by the local sewing group in textiles
 and surrounded by little cross stitch embroideries of all the houses in the village.
 In the kitchen I found these two little certificates obviously from the recent Flower and Vegetable Show for Freddy and Tilly Goodman aged 2 years and 8 years for their entries. Both with lovely comments from the judge.

And yes - we did do some sewing and here are my happy students with their quilt tops ready for quilting and beading.

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Marilyn said...

Well Lisa when did you have time to take these pics!We all had our noses to the grindstone all day! A great day & a privilege to share it with you. Please come back next year!