Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seaside Britain

We've been having fun down south looking at the seaside in Britian before my next classes. Some of it is a real blast from the past especially the piers.
We found Grimsby (above) very sad - lots of empty boat yards, closed buildings and all very depressing but nearby was Cleethorpes which was a classic English beach complete with pier and donkey rides.
My lunch on the pier was a seafood mega platter - all fried but a bit of salad in the centre to break down the fat.
Of course we went to Brighton. I loved the remains of the West Pier which burnt down a few years ago. They have left the metal shell intact and I think it makes a a stunning sculptural piece.
Seeing the Royal Pavillion in Brighton has always been on my list of things to see and it did not disappoint. It is, obviously, way over the top in terms of decoration but I loved it. You can't take photos inside but suffice to say it was incredible.

Brighton is full of quaint little shops - especially in the Lanes and we just had to buy some mints in one of the lolly shops.
Our Hotel was a tiny little pub called the Bow St Runner and although the room was small - it was charming and only a ten minute walk to the city or the seaside.

Fancy living in one of these amazing buildings.
Now back to work and some fun workshops ahead. 

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