Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sun Printing Kindergarden Style

I have loved doing all my Botanical Sunprints but wanted to try something else. Thanks to a suggestion of a friend we went off to the cheap $2 store and bought all sorts of foam objects.

So as usual - I painted the fabric with my Sun Dye Fabric paints (although any fabric paint will do sun prints.

Then I just laid out the shapes all over the fabric

Then I just left them to dry. It wasn't a particularly sunny day but these paints work so well that within half an hour the fabric was dry and the images imprinted.

It was fun gathering up all the shapes

These are some of the resulting fabrics and they are now all available on my website in case you like them but don't feel like making your own.


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Mary said...

I love this idea! It sounds a great thing to do with the kids when they visit.