Sunday, February 10, 2013

Colour Wheels

I am obsessed by colour and always looking for better ways to create it.

For many years we have used certain formulae for our colour runs and gradations to ensure consistency.

However we have been thinking of revising some and the first ones were our Rainbow sets. These 12 step colour runs are lovely but we always thought they could have been a better range of the Primary colour red, yellow and blue.

So we have revised our formulae and I really like the new balance of colours of colours between the three primary colours.

This one is made with what we call our Bright Primaries
They are the cool clear end of the spectrum
This one is using our Basic Set of Primaries  - mid range
 Finally our Earth set of Primaries - a warmer end of the specturm
Here they are against each other. So you can see that there are different rainbow gradations for different reasons but I think it is important that they are evenly balanced between the three primaries.
They are available on the website now - fresh out of the dyepots.

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Judy said...

Really delicious colours Lisa, I want them all, but at my age I don't think I'd live long enough to use them.