Friday, March 1, 2013

BBBQ Countdown has started!

Beautiful Building Block Quilts (BBBQ) has arrived at C&T offices and tomorrow my copies will be winging their way here. I am so excited so I thought I would share some of the projects with you while we wait.
The cover shot is of my Power of Three quilt

This quilt was started a few years ago as a basic patchwork lesson for some workmates when they admired some of my quilts and wanted to learn the basics.
I showed them how to use the rotary cutter and ruler and we made some basic four patch blocks with a border. I just used random scraps of my hand dyed fabrics.

We only did a couple so when they left I was left with half a dozen boring (well to me anyway) blocks. So I started to play with another size. The original block was 9" so I played around with a 6" one. I enjoyed this process especially working on how to make it proportionally accurate.

Then I got carried away and made a 3" version as well because I thought that I could put two 3" block together next to a 6" one or 3 next to a 9" one.

Then I gathered more fabric and just started to make some blocks. It just grew and grew. When I had enough for a bed I started laying them out randomly and had great fun - it was just like a jigsaw. When I nearly had it square I just needed to make some more 3" one to fill a few holes.
The quilting was done commercially (by Nic Bridges) on a long arm machine with lots of spirals to offset the square nature of the design and I was thrilled when it received a 1st prize at our Sydney Quilt Show.
As a bonus project for the book my friend Maggie Gilbert made another single bed version using one of the Kona Cotton FQ Sets and we called it Coco Chocolate because it reminded us of chocolate. A great example of using different tones and shades.
I hope this has been of interest and if you would like to order your own signed copy you can do so on the website as well a kit of the hand dyed fabrics

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Nancy Eha said...

Congratulations Lisa! The book looks luscious!
Nancy Eha
The Beading Queen