Friday, April 12, 2013

Testing Paints

I have been playing around with the heliotropic (sun printing) characteristics of some of our fabric paints.

I thought that the Paints which have a metallic or opalescent component wouldn't work so well with sun printing and wanted to test them.

First I painted a piece of cotton with Green Sun Dye (Tarragon)
Then I painted over some Sun Pearl, Gold Interference from the Sun Dye Range and Gold Lustre for the Dual Paint Range.

Then I added some leaves and left it to dry in the sun.

Once I peeled off the leaves I could tell that they still created a different but no less effective us print. In fact I think I prefer it as there is additional texture.

Of course I could stop there so added some backing and wadding and quilted it.

Then I thought it needed some more so I tried Bobbin Work for the first time on my Handiquilter - the tension wasn't perfect but of course I didn't look until I finished - I am impatient. But I think it worked quite well and a pleasant diversion for a few hours.


Judy said...

Lisa, Very good job with the paints and the quilting.

Lindi said...

I love it. :) You are very creative, Lisa. That quilting turns it into a really lovely piece.

Anneliese said...

I can't but admire your work. It turned out wonderfully. I love the quilting.