Sunday, May 12, 2013


Friendly Geese is a quilt from my book Beautiful Building Block Quilts

It was made from a pack of Kona Cotton fat quarters. These are a great way to get a variety of colour coordinated solids in useable amounts.

For this quilt I used the Denim Colourway which ranged from white to darkest indigo. I also used a few metres of one of the colours in the set - Marine so it toned in. There are 22 fq in this set but there is nothing stopping you creating your own colour palette of fq (or half the number of 1/2m pieces). It is a great stashbuster quilt. Or of course you can do it in my hand dyed fabrics.

It is a very simple yet striking design using a Flying Geese block. Usually they are stacked on top of each other but I turned them around to make a sort of square in a square block.

There are only two sizes - 4in and 8in finished blocks.

Why the name? Well these geese are facing each other rather than stacked so I thought they were friendlier.

This smaller version is made up with a selection of my hand dyed fabrics and give a softer effect - but just as easy to make. This was made up with a set of my hand dyed half metres and there are many different colourways available on my website.


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