Saturday, May 18, 2013

Playful Pods Stencils

It's always very exciting when a new set of stencils is released.
The latest set from the very popular Artistcellar arrived this week and I just couldn't resist having a play.

First I used a few Shiva Paintsticks both as a rubbing and also with a stencil brush with the  stencil
Then I used the fabulous Opulence Embellishment inks
A few more strokes with the paintsticks and paints and then left to dry in the sun.

It only took a few minutes on this beautiful sunny autumn day. Don't the Opulence Inks just glisten?

Then a final wash with some Sun Dyes. Can you see how the oil based paintsticks act a resist and just burst through the water based Sun Dye paints.

The whole process took less than half an hour and now I have a perfect piece of fabric ready for the next project.
Of course you can get all the Stencils and Paints on my website.
Don't forget I have a special offer of a metre of pfd cotton with each order of 5 of any of the paints for this month only. I'll add it to any order.


Lisa said...

Love this Lisa! I'm going to repost it on our facebook page and hopefully send some people your way :-)

gonerustic said...

Love this, Lisa - especially the idea of using sun dyes on top of the rubbings, etc. Stunning! =D