Friday, June 28, 2013

Japan Tour

I will really try to post on my blog more often but I am currently buried in deadlines for my next book as well as planning my workshops at Symposium In Taupo in a few weeks and then we are off to the UK

But I thought I would tell you about my trip to Japan. 

I led a tour to the Yokohama Quilt Festival last year with 32 excited quilters (well a couple of not so excited non quilting husbands too).

We had a great time enjoying Japanese culture, seeing gorgeous fabrics and quilts and lots and lots of shopping.

Having been to Japan quite a few times before I honestly felt there were a few missing elements for the obsessive quilter so some changes were made to the itinery on the run. So after talking to the organisers when we came back we added some more specifically quilting related activities.

We are of course keeping the magnificent Itchiku Kobuta Art Museum which was the highlight for me last year.

We are adding more time in Nippori Fabric Town 

And a trip up the very new Tokyo Tree Tower - not quilting related but it is just so amazing I really wanted to go to the top.

The food is amazing of course and we get to try it all.
We will do more hands on workshops - this was our Yuzen dyeing one last year

 And see craftsmen and women in action
 And such interesting and beautiful sights
So if you would like to join me this year - contact Asia Discovery Tours for more information.

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ms lottie said...

Looks like an amazing trip and one day that'll be me - the excited quilter (probably without the unexcited husband - I don't think he'd be convinced to come along).