Monday, July 1, 2013

Surface Design Workshop

Over the weekend I held a two day Surface Design Workshop in my home studio. Usually I hold this mostly outside in my lovely garden but unfortunately Mother Nature intervened this time and we had the wettest June in forever.

So my students were a bit crowded in my studio but they were fabulous about it.
We did the fabric painting inside in my studio and then trekked through the house to the garden where we had set up my print tables undercover for them to dry.
They certainly created a lot of different fabrics using lots of paint techniques
  and although the sun printing didn't really work this time (there was no sun) the longer drying periods actually created some really interesting results.
We also worked with stencils

We also did some Velvet Embossing over the hand carved stamps

We brought the tables inside overnight to help with the drying and had to make some room for my breakfast.

Despite the weather I think everyone had a great time and created some beautiful fabrics
And of course as soon as everyone had gone - the skies cleared and the sun came out

If you are interested in having me come to teach this workshop or any of my others, feel free to contact me at

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