Monday, July 8, 2013

Workshops at Birmingham UK & Houston USA

The Class catalogue for the International Quilt Festival in Houston has just come out and it is very exciting to see my name on the Faculty List. It's the last name alphabetically so it really stands out (to me anyway).

Unfortunately this year there are no little images for the workshops (on on the online version) so I thought I would show you what I am doing for those of you who may be interested in seeing what you would be doing.

 And by amazing coincidence - I am teaching two of the classes at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham as well so this will serve those of you on two opposite sides of the planet in one swoop.

(Houston #131 Monday, FOQ C207 Thursday)

In this one day class you will be transferring a choice of beautiful overlay designs onto a fat quarter and then free motion quilting it. To embellish it even further we are then going to use fabric paints to bring out the design even further.
You don't need to be able to paint and you will be able to get some easy practice on your free-motion quilting.

Using this technique - you could turn this

Into this

I supply a lovely range of designs so it is all so easy for you.

(Houston #335 Wednesday, FOQ 228 Friday)

Based on the concepts of my recently published book (Beautiful Build Block Quilts), this one day class works through the skills needed to design your own original quilts in a fun yet simple way. Beautiful geometric quilts can be created so easily and I will show you how. No design skills are necessary and you will be amazed at how simple it can be to create unique quilts.

Here are some samples from the book.

It is also very exciting that a quilt I designed using this method is about to appear on the cover of Modern Quilts Unlimited.
In Houston I will also be doing my two very popular 1/2 day classes
Stamp Carving (#252) 
 and Threads to Dye For (#272).

Again - I supply everything you need so it is easy as possible for you.
So I hope this has helped you decide on which classes to take and I would love to see you there.

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