Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scottish Highlands

I am so lucky that my quilting life takes me to the most amazing places.

I have just been teaching for a few days at Karelia House in the Scottish Highlands near Aberfeldy.

We stayed in the Kenmore Hotel which is the oldest hotel in Scotland and Robbie Burns actually wrote a poem in bar and the original hangs above the fireplace.

There was a coffee table in the Lounge area which was originally an ancient door. Amazing isn't it?

This was the view from the restaurant. Which was a lovely way to start the day
And these are the houses across the street.
Shirley and her staff made me feel so welcome and by the steady stream of visitors to the shop and cafe I am not the only one who wants to return.

It is a great combination of Patchwork, Knitting, Textile Arts and good food. What else could you ask for.

I taught two great classes - Luscious Landscapes and Creative Beading.

Christine so enjoyed making her landscape that she went home after being in a workshop all day and did some more. Isn't it great. She then returned to do the beading class so she could add even more to it.

The lunch both days was homemade soup and sandwiches cooked on the premises to their own recipes and was delicious.

I spent my spare minutes hovering around the wool area and in the end not only bought a beautiful Noro pattern book but also I couldn't resist the kit for this rug. Don't think I will be able to take my size 8 needles onto the plane unfortunately.

Peter found an Antique shop which had everything from clock faces to old fashioned travelling suitcases. I will show you what he bought me as soon as I can get some photos of them.

I had a really wonderful time in my few days in the Scottish Highlands and am thrilled that they would like me to come back when I return to the UK in 2015. How lucky am I?


Chriss said...

Totally agree with you, you have an amazing job and it does take you to the most brilliant places on earth. Well done you!

jacaranda said...

Have loved reading about your trip in Scotland. Beautiful photos and look forward to seeing what Peter bought you.