Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beautiful Building Block Quilts in Luxembourg

 Last year I was invited to be the guest exhibitor at the Quiltfestival Luxembourg in Wilwerwiltz. It was an amazing experience and I  met the most delightful quilters. Of course I really enjoyed the food too. Above was a slice of home made apricot tart which was delicious

When they heard I was going to be on this side of the world again this year they invited me to come back and do a workshop. Of course I jumped at the chance.

Although I was teaching in WIlwerwiltz I stayed in a little village called Kautenbach which was a few kilometres away. Here is my hotel which is run single handedly by Michael who gave me three keys when I checked in so I could choose my own room. He also is a brilliant chef.

This was the breakfast offering

To top it off he gave me a lift to the railway station in his Porche! Pity it was only a 5 minute ride.

The choice of workshop was my new two day version of Building Block Quilt Design.

Interestingly - every machine was a Bernina - so I knew I was not going to have any machine issues in this workshop
Always a bit scary when running a new workshop. Especially when I only speak English and a tiny bit of French and my students speak the local Luxembourg dialect, French, German and Dutch with a little English. But of course we all speak quilting so many laughs were heard all weekend.

The first day was spent drafting original blocks and then playing with different sizes and then samples were made to see how they work. Sometimes slight adjustments were made .

Then we started to make up the blocks. They started appearing all over the room


Then once we had enough blocks we started to lay them out on the floor
By the end of two days many of the students had completed tops - their own original design. It was so thrilling for me to see their excitement and confidence.

 I would love to show you how to design your own quilts in a workshop but if you can't join me for a workshop you can always get my book Beautiful Building Block Quilts and try it yourself.


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ms lottie said...

And they are all so different - so neat to see.

I've decided I want to be an international quilt tutor so I get to eat such yummy food and ride in flash cars!