Thursday, September 12, 2013

International Quilt Convention Africa 2013

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to teach at the IQCAfrica and had just the best time.
There were some wonderful Exhibitions
I brought the Beneath the Southern Skies Exhibition down with me from Birmingham for its last showing. The exhibition area was quilt restricted in the way quilts could be displayed but there was still a lot of interest in the quilts. The organisers did such a great job considering the restrictions they were working under. 
The SAQA Exhibition - Metaphors on Ageing was also on display and it was wonderful to see it close up too. I met with Jenny Hearn the Africa Rep for SAQA and we both encouraged students and visitors to consider SAQA membership. 
The food at the venue was amazing, both in the actual Quilt Venue and the food hall in the adjoining hotel. I kept forgetting where I was in the world with this amazing Italian Piazza complete with an impressive David.
This was Ostrich Carpaccio - very tasty.
  The highlight of the Convention for me was the Gala Dinner where Ricky Tims performed his show. His music and visuals were a fitting companion to his entertaining dialogue. If you get the chance to see Ricky perform or go to one of his Seminars - DO IT!

My classes were such fun with a great variety of students including one who had come all the way from Australia (OK - he was visiting home as well). The laughs and enthusiasm in both English and Afrikaans continued all three days.
There was fabric everywhere
When we needed to wash the water soluble stabiliser out of our Landscapes . the only place where we could all see was the disabled toilet so off we all went
Cutout Magic is always a fun workshop
Of course I couldn't resist the Vendors Hall and established a relationship with a wonderful local dyer and printer and brought some fabrics back to share with you on the website.
All in all I had a wonderful time and would love the opportunity to return one day. 


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Thank you for playing courier so that Beneath the Southern Sky could be shared in glorious cloth at IQC. The exhibition tour isn't over but readers can view the collection online at

jacaranda said...

Thank you Lisa for showing us your visit I have never considered visiting this event, but would love to go after seeing your posts. Our DD is heading back to Africa in 2014, she loves SA, so I will look at the next up and coming IQA.