Friday, September 13, 2013

Johannesburg Revealed

On my last day in South Africa - local SAQA Rep and fabulous textile artist Jenny Heard offered to show me some local fabric stores. 
After she picked me up (and my excessive collection of overweight luggage) she took me to her beautiful home where I was able to see some of her amazing work

I love the textural quality she creates with stitchery combined with patchwork.

We headed downtown which scared me a little but it was so interesting that my camera just kept clicking away..
I loved this grafitti/mural in the car park
There was art work everywhere
This was a muti store full of jars of strange roots, berries, bones and implements. Of course it resembled the classic idea of a medicine man's stash which, given where I was, is probably just the modern day version.
The fabric store we found was absolutely full of local Shweshwe fabrics and the staff were so friendly and helpful. Unfortunately as I knew my luggage was already at bursting point I had to severely restrict my purchase but the wallet full of Rand was certainly twitching. 
If you want to know more about Shweshwe fabrics - here is a link to the Da Gama site which is the main manufacturer.
 The King of Swaziland decorates many fabrics
Lots of patterns were available too.
Don't think these hair styles would suit me
We crossed Nelson Mandela Bridge again

An amazing final snapshot of South Africa - I am have been so blessed to experience this trip. Now back to reality.


ms lottie said...

I've always loved Jenny's work. Lucky you getting up close and personal. (and I can see you with cornrows in your hair!)

Chriss said...

So much color! So much texture! So much life!