Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Playing with Stencils and Stuff

I just felt like having a play with some new Stencils today.
These are the Tam's Whimsy and Tam's Inspirations ones which are very cute and happy designs.

I started with a fq of hand dyed cotton and the stencils
Using Tam's Inspirations and some thickened Textcraft Dual paints and a stiff stencil brush, I just brushed the paint lightly into some of the expressions. I didn't need to use all of them - just the ones that meant something to me.

 I moved the stencil slightly when it had dried and repeated it with a different colour (actually just played on the palette with the same brush

 Then I started painting some of the Tam's Whimsy stencils - the flowers

 And then the Butterflies
 Then the Stars and Hearts
 Soon I had a lovely sort of flowery collection.
Just to try a little more - I used a transparent Sun Dye Paint with a foam brush over a small section of the dried stencilled fabric.

 Finally I got out the Zig Fabric pen and outlined some of the stencil shapes.

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