Thursday, September 18, 2014

Barcelona Modernista

My latest quilt completed this year was a bit of a labour of love.
I have always been fascinated with the designs of Anton Gaudi and found a book of (copyright free designs) tile designs which were popular in his period in Barcelona when encaustic tiles were just being created.

Using the technique I use in my Opulent Overlay workshop which involves quilting a design first and then painting the pattern.
 I spent many hours quilting and painting - sometimes in the garden which was lovely. 
First I had to audition colours 
I was really lucky to work with my friends at Kraftkolour who had developed these beautiful Gems Fabric Paints . These are an opaque metallic fabric paint made without plasticisers which leave a really beautiful hand to the fabric
It's a very relaxing techniques and although I was always worrying about spilling paint - I didn't.

When the quilt was finished it needed blocking and here is Peter spraying it with water before pinning it to foam tiles. This technique was a great discovery and made blocking so much easier.
Here is a detail of some of the painting
Here is the quilt hanging at the Sydney Quilt Show. It didn't win any prizes but I really enjoyed the journey of creating it and have another in my head already


Bev Longford said...

So lovely Lisa, I too am working on a Barcelona inspired quilt and I am looking for inspiration for the corner blocks to finish it off. Could you share the title of the book you found, I am also a Gaudi fan.I do have book on order from Amazon but it won't be delivered till mid Oct and I would like to find something sooner. Bev

Lisa Walton said...

The book is Barcelona Tile Designs published by Pepin Press.

Chyfey said...

Its gorgeous,really love your play of colour