Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Start Again

I was amazed when I realised I hadn't posted anything to my blog since January! Not that I haven't been busy - I have - but blogging has obviously not been high on my priority.

I think the two main reasons were that I got hooked on Facebook and love the immediacy of it. Using my iPad when I travel also created problems in posting but I am sure I can get around that.

I have made a commitment to myself that I will restart my blog with a fresh image and hopefully interesting content. I have had an up and down year but have some incredible new adventures starting so I plan to share them here in more detail than the instant Facebook posts. Of course I would love to see you on my Facebook page as well.

I have spent the last few days working on a little fabric book which I started recently in a Ro Bruhn workshop. What an inspiring lady and definitely a kindred soul. Although I am not a journal writer  - I really enjoyed the process of testing new techniques and just playing. I usually don't have any idea of what I am going to do when I start something and this time was no different but it's been such fun.
These pieces were fused with a soldering iron and then stitched down
 My sewing machine provided lots of interesting stitches I'd never used before and this is a layer of  dyed gauze and lutradur
 As it was all about Layers and Textures I incorporated these words into some of the pieces.
I kept to a colour way that I don't  usually use which was great discipline in itself and definitely plan to use this combination again soon.
I am nearly finished my first book so will show you more soon.

So yes - I am back blogging and would love your feedback.


Julie said...

Beautiful, colourful work Lisa. I think a lot of people, including me, have been finding it hard to blgo over the last couple of years. You're right, Facebook and probably Twitter too have taken over but they're not such a good place to keep a detailed record of what we've been doing creatively, are they? I keep intending to blog more but I don't think I'll get back to the almost daily blogs that I started out with. Well done for stirring your blog back to life and I will be following with interest. I'm glad you enjoyed Ro's workshop, her work is wonderful too.

Penny said...

Glad you are back to blogging.

Margot said...

Lovely to read Lisa. Welcome back.