Thursday, September 25, 2014


I've just taught a new workshop for the first time and was blown away with the results

It was a two day workshop at Dorrigo Misty Mountain Retreat and my students were awesome.

First we painted white fabric (folded over so the paint soaks through to the back). We did have to juggle the showers a little but got there in the end

We used the Australian Made Sun Dye and Gems Paints 

We also carved some stamps for the windows while we waited for the paint to dry.

The painted fabrics looked wonderful as did all the secondary backing pieces

Some of the students liked their backing pieces so much that they used something else for the backing and saved these for another project.

The fabric is then stitched into a tube and cut into strips which are them cut at different places and stitched back into one piece.

So by the end of the first day we had completed quilt tops basted and ready for the next stages

Then the scary part - spray painting over some tree stencils which I had specially made just for the purpose.

Using the stamps we stamped the windows in our 'buildings'

Then we were ready to quilt and using a variety of threads and designs everyone got well into the quilting which will be finished at home.

I was so impressed in the variety and beauty of the quilts and can't wait to see them finished.
This workshop is called CITYSCAPES and if you would like to book it for your group or store just contact me.


Laura McGrath said...

Wow, this process looks like so much fun. Wish you lived closer to the USA, it would be great to take this workshop with you!

Mystic Quilter said...

I second the comment by Laura - wish you were holding a class in New Zealand as this would be one workshop I would sign up for! They are beautiful.

Lisa Walton said...

Actually I am teaching in California in May Laura and we haven't decided which workshop to do yet.

Also - the techniques used in this project are in my Permission to Play Workshop which I am teaching at Symposium in NZ in January and there are still places in this 2 day workshop Mystic Quilter.

Laura McGrath said...

California is way too far away for me, anything on the East coast?