Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shibori and Indigo Workshop

Today I ran my popular Shibori and Indigo Workshop in my home studio in Sydney - actually the garden as it was a beautiful day.

We spent the morning preparing the white fabrics. Some were folded and clamped, others were wrapped around poles and some were stitched. 
My favourite is always the ones that are wrapped and tied around marbles or stones. The quickest way to do these is to use rubber bands.

We always provide a delicious lunch and today was no exception

After lunch we made up our Vats. Each student makes up their own vat using synthetic indigo and hydros. Its a bit like going back to school measuring out the chemicals but quite zen once you have everything combined.

Then everything gets added to the vat and an anxious wait while the indigo did its job.

Of course once we started pulling out the fabrics and unfolding and unclamping the excitement levels rose as each new fabric appeared.

They come out green but as the oxygen hits the indigo it goes blue. There is always a little regret when the green disappears as it really does look spectacular.

Once rinsed the fabrics were laid out to dry over plants and on a line and garden filled up with over 20m of indigo dyed fabrics.

Some of my pieces were over dyed velvet and hand dyed fabrics which previously lacked life. 

There were really some beautiful fabrics created today and I am sure they will end up part of some lovely quilts or maybe even clothes.

I think everyone really enjoyed their day and if you are interested in coming along to the next workshop on 18th October you can BOOK HERE. This will probably be my last studio workshop for the year before I head of to Houston and Japan and then under the knife.

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Robbie said...

Some really nice pieces!!! Quite a productive day for everyone!