Saturday, September 20, 2014

Layers and Textures

I recently did a workshop with Ro Bruhn at the Berry Retreat where we started to make a mixed media book or journal. I love Ro's work and it was great just to be able to play with no pressure. That is me hiding up the back.

In my usual style I got a bit hooked and without any major deadlines pressing me I was able to spend a few days just playing at home.

I chose a limited colour palette as I have enough stuff already and I didn't want to have to pull everything out but it was great to work in these bright colours. I think I have been a bit earthy in my palette lately.

In the workshop we played with paper, fabric, ribbons, lace, buttons and generally anything we could find but again I limited myself to fabric, paper, some non woven products, felt and beads and threads. It was very scary that whatever I felt I needed - I had ample supplies.

I also tend to buy a lot of books which I read and then put aside - for another day. One such book was Magaret Beals latest Fusing Fabric book, so I pulled it out - along with all the bits and pieces I needed and played around with sheers and felt and layers too. They made a great textural addition to the book.

Anyway - I ended up making 12 pages which bound together into a fairly substantial 'book' and got me kick started on a whole lot more ideas for some textural work.

Here are some of the pages.

 And here is the finished book

Another book is already starting to bubble up in my creative thoughts.


Alison Schwabe said...

Its funny Lisa but when I looked at the link to this on FB I thought the colours looked a lot different from what I normally associate with you - and voila! Some very interesting textures and colour combinations - what a blast the day must have been... recharging the batteries. Thanks for sharing

Bev Longford said...

So fun, I think I need to play more. Thank you for the tile book title.

jacaranda said...

Love your book, I am an earthy colour person but I do love your brights in the book. Lovely to have you back blogging, have missed your postings.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Lisa, what a fabulous book. It was wonderful watching it's progression, your pages are beautiful. So glad you enjoyed the class.

Heather said...

Lucky you to be on one of Ro's courses. Your book is wonderful and I love the zingy colours and gorgeous textures and patterns you have created. I must have a go myself one day.

Penny Sheaffe said...

Lisa I loved seeing what you did in Ro's workshop (I was there too) and to see how you have continued is great, the book looks fabulous. Mine is coming along much more slowly but I am enjoying the experimentation a lot.cheers Penny