Saturday, October 25, 2014

Inspiration is Everywhere

Last week we were at a local market and I saw these lovely keys amongst other beautiful items. To my regret I didn't buy them so we decided to go back today.

Unfortunately I couldn't find them but as I was now on the lookout for keys I found a couple of likely replacements.

But I thought that $15 per key was a little outrageous. However the stall owner was happy for me to take a photo and knowing what I wanted to do with the image I tidied the box up a little.

So with a little tweaking with Photoshop I created this image and turned it into a Thermofax screen

A little test print worked well I think.

I have already adjusted the image into the three sizes that I produce for sale so if you want your own set of keys - here is the link to the WEBSITE


Anneliese said...

Hi Lisa, this is lovely. What a fantastic print!

Karin Mcelvein said...

I creative. Do you ever sell any of your thermofax screens

Karin Mcelvein said...

Love it.

Chyfey said...

That post just blows me away ,gorgeous print