Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adventures in Houston

I've just got back from the International Quilt Festival where I had a wonderful time teaching and demonstrating. However the best part of Houston is catching up with friends and seeing amazing quilts and generally having a fabulous time.

The first major function is the Awards Ceremony held in the Ballroom and always an amazing affair with the prize winners announced and displayed around the walls as they are announced. Seeing them up close after the awards is usually a bit manic but the atmosphere is wonderful.

After the Ceremony the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship winners always have dinner. This year there were many of us in town as we finally had our long awaited retrospective exhibition as part of the main show.

I had two quilts - my Orvieto Memory from my original exhibition and Japan Love which is a recent piece.

I did a class with Hollis Chatelaine on dye painting which was very interesting. I didn't really grasp the skill in one lesson (or the colour matching) but I think that with a little (or a lot) of stitching I could turn this into something. Or maybe not.

 I also did a class with Paula Nadelstern on angle piecing. I learnt quite a lot - including the fact that I have never actually done it right. So that was a definite bonus for me. These are the classrooms with enormous ceilings.

The teacher's room is the best room in the whole convention centre as you get to just sit and hang out with the absolute cream of quilting. I grabbed my moment with Hollis and Paula between classes.

 I ate far too much of course as you know I love my food. This selection of deserts was at a special teacher only function. No I didn't eat all these - I just grabbed them for a photo. The table cloth was included in the door prizes which we hotly contested.
Yes I did look at quilts at the show - this masterpieces was the centre of the 40th Anniversary Red & White quilt show. It was awe inspiring.
The 8 major prize winners are displayed along the main corridor and always had crowds in awe around them.  The best time to see them are early morning or late afternoon without so many people but they usually have the thrilled quilt makers there answering questions which is great.

 It was Halloween as usual during the show. I was going to wear a witches hat to class but decided against it but Jill - one of the hardest workers in the Education Team always dresses the part.
 My classroom was 361 F (I think I have finally worked out the numbering system after 4 years. It is always a thrill to see your name in Houston
 My class was on quilt design using construction paper and some really interesting designs were created. Their feedback was wonderful and made me feel very special

I did do some shopping but not much. There are 18 aisles each with about 50 booths and it is a major achievement to see them all but I think I managed.  However I spent more time chatting with friends as I found their booths than actual shopping.
Here I am with Shelley Stokes of Cedar Canyon

 Paula Nadelstern successfully sued the manufacturers of this carpet which used designs straight out of her book. She gets paid when they have to replace it due to wear and asked us to help scuff it so they will have to replace it again. I did my bit much to the amusement of the passing staff member who I asked to take the photo.
 I had a wonderful time as usual and was sad to go but could have been tempted by these boots and luggage sets at the airport. Very Texan.

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