Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Screen printing gum leaves

I had to make up some more Thermofax screens today for an order - the most popular ones are the Gum Leaves which were an image taken from my tree and then manipulated in Photoshop.
I do 4 at a time of the small A5 size and then cut them apart.
You run the image and the mesh through the thermofax machine and then either tape the edges with gaffer tape or tape it directly to a plastic frame. I prefer frames as it makes them more stable

I use our gorgeous Gems Fabric paint to do most of my screen printing. I love the opaque metallic hand of the paint without the plastic feel of other paints. I also find it the colours a bit more subtle.

Squeeze a little bit of paint onto the top of the screen. I am doing this onto one of my many class painted samples but I could do it onto white fabric too.
 The paint is scraped through the screen in one or two passes.
 You can mix paints straight on the screen too for added interest
Because I never know when to stop - I also overprinted my Australian Place names screen. Looks great doesn't it and only took a few minutes.
And just because I can - I made up a few more of my personalised quilt labels onto a scrap of painted fabric. These 4 will probably do me through to the end of 2014 so I better make a 2015 label soon. This time I will leave more room for the name of the quilt which I hand write in.
Maybe you would like me to make you a personalised quilt label or a screen from one of your own images. Or you can just buy one of my designs which are available on the Website.

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