Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When Life Gives you Lemons...

A while ago I finished my second book. I was pretty pleased with the result of a year's work but for whatever reason my publisher decided not to publish it. I took a while to lick my wounds and then put it down to experience and tucked it all away where I couldn't see it or think about it (too much).

Many friends and people who I really respected, suggested I self publish but knowing nothing about it, I wasn't prepared to take that leap (yet). After about 6 months, fate stepped in and I met an ebook publisher and we started to talk.

I realised that there was a lot of good work just sitting there doing nothing so decided to give it a try. What's the worse thing that could happen I thought - another rejection? 

We decided that actually it would make a great series of eBooks so I started to work on Book #1 in my Creative Journeys Series. I realised that I could do much more than the original as I had more control so added more sections and lots more images and ideas.

So it is with great excitement and trepidation I announce the publication of 

It is full of ideas for Fabric Painting, 

Sun Printing,


 Thermofax Printing, 

and even some Felting.

It's perfect for anyone wanting to try simple and fun ways to create beautiful original fabrics and textures using inspiration found around you.

As this is a completely self published project I would be so grateful if you could help spread the word on your networks. 

So hopefully I have made Lemonade out of Lemons and you will enjoy it.

Click here to buy it on Amazon for US$8.95
I have priced it very reasonably to hopefully make your decision to purchase easier. 

Book 2 is already in the pipeline and it won't be long until it's launch.
Guess what it is about?


Fiona McClintock said...

Can't find the link Lisa

Lisa Walton said...

I have fixed the links now and they are the title and also the Amazon mention at the bottom as well as the Amazon link at the top left hand corner.

Anonymous said...

Bought - congratulations, Lisa!

Alyshia said...

Acquired. Will have to delay reading for a few weeks although of course already sneaked a peek at the pictures!

SueP said...

Congrats Lisa. How wonderful to be able to do what you do!

peggy said...

Congratulations Lisa. Just bought, Have not been able to do a workshop with you because of grand-parenting babysitting duties but this is ideal. Will now have to go to all those lovely things I have seen in your online shop like paint sticks, stencils etc.
I feel sure a print publisher will in time pick this up.

Lyric said...

Hooray! I. Am so happy you did this! I cant wait to see it!

Salley said...

Fantastic, Lisa!