Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend of Workshops

It's Monday today and I am resting a little as I ran two workshops here at my home studio in Sydney over the weekend. I love doing these as I don't have to travel and I know where everything is and at the end of the day I can collapse in a heap.

Saturday was my Dye Day and we did a 12 step rainbow, a 6 step value gradation, a 6 step colour run from one colour to another and some multicoloured pieces together with skeins of perle cotton.
First we had to rip up the fabric into fat quarters.
Careful measuring underway
Pretty soon there were little bags of colour scattered all over the garden.
The weather was perfect, if not a little too warm which was unexpected but it was a great day.

We always supply a nice lunch too and Peter is in charge of that and he never lets us down.  
I even made some chocolate brownies for morning tea but we didn't have enough for the next day as someone (who shall be nameless) scoffed the lot.

On Sunday we did my Print & Paint day which is a compressed version of my 2-3 day Permission to Play workshop.

Again the weather was perfect especially as there was no wind and lots of direct sun which made the sun prints and salt effects work perfectly.
We carved stamps and also made our own Thermofax screens from original artwork and had great fun learning the differences between different types of fabric paints.
This was Anne's stamp - simple leaf shape but so effective
 Tamara's stamp was a simple geometric design but looks great when repeated
Amanda's Japanese fan design was burned onto a Thermofax screen and looked great over her sun printed fabric

 Anne's thermofax screen was from some copyright free clip art and looked really great when overlapped.
Both days were very successful and I think everyone went home with a new found freedom and confidence to just give it a try.

My last home workshop for the year before I start travelling again is my popular Shibori and Indigo workshop next Saturday and there are still some places if you want to join in the fun. Click here for more details.

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