Saturday, December 27, 2014

Compressed Sponge Sample

After my recent video I decided to make a larger sample with a couple of stamps. 
I used the stamp I started in the video and changed it a little as well as the one I showed completed. As they were both the same size it made sense to just tile them.
I also decided that my fingers got a bit messy so decided to try using a roller straight onto the sponge rather than dipping it in paint and was very pleased with the result.
I used some of our beautiful Gem Paints (Rose Quartz). These are thicker opaque paints with a metallic sheen. Comparable to Lumiere but without the plasticers so a much nicer finish feel and look I think.

I rolled the paint onto a roller and then onto the stamps which I alternated onto a piece of white cotton poplin.
I do like the texture of the sponge on the fabric with all the irregular holes.
Once dried (which doesn't take too long) I overpainted the fabric with Fluorescent orange and pink and yellow Dual paints. These are transparent paints which cover the fabric beautifully and yet allow the opaque paint to show through.
I quilted with a heavier weight thread and at first used a thinner thread in the bobbin. This didn't work well at all so I finished the quilting by putting the top thread in the bobbin as well and was much happier with the result.

I hope you liked this and will have a try with the Compressed Sponge. It is available now on our website and you will have a wonderful time creating your own original designs as part of your Creative Journey.

These techniques and others can be seen in my ebook Creative Journeys - Fun & Easy Textile Surface  Design Techniques which is only available on AMAZON


SheilasEmbroidery said...

I saw your video of the compressed sponge stamp. Yours has worked out really well. I wonder if the compressed sponges are available here in the UK. I wish I hadn't used the one that came with my new car now.

Lisa Walton said...

You can get it from the Kemshalls