Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shibori, Indigo & Beyond

I am making some samples for my new Shibori, Indigo and Beyond workshop.

I used a selection of indigo dyed fabrics and made a small quilt with 1 1/2" and 3" Quarter Square Triangles.

Colour changes are due to the internal and external lights

Using a Compressed Sponge stamp which magically (I love it when this happens) was a suitable size to match the larger of the blocks. The lines of removed stitching was from my first idea for quilting it. Horrible so I unpicked it. Note to self - only use quality thread. Trying to use up old cheap threads will always show.

Stamping with opaque metallic paint - I used a roller to roll the fabric on but the foam absorbed too much paint so next time I will use a hard brayer.

Then it was quilted in a free motion angular design with 12wt Aurifil cotton. I like to use a thicker thread when I want the quilting to be a feature.

It was OK at this stage but I still thought it needed more. Something with a bit of a shine but not over the top.

So I painted some fusible webbing with the same paint as the stamp and also some indigo and some bronze and left it overnight to dry.

Next day I cut my preferred red piece (the other was indigo blue and gold but didn't quite work) into squares the size of the smaller blocks and then into quarters.

These were placed (painted size down) and then ironed into place (paper still on top).

Once secured the paper was peeled off.

The facing is now on and I am happy.


Aart said...

It's stunning with de orange/yellow triangles.

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely piece