Saturday, December 6, 2014

Indigo Dyeing

I needed a few more pieces for a new project so today I mixed up a small Indigo Vat and thought I would share it with you.

First I added the indigo powder (I use synthetic indigo which works much better than the natural and more stable with identical effect) to a soda ash solution.

 Once dissolved in the vat I added the Hydros powder which is used to remove the oxygen from the indigo solution so it can adhere to the fabric

 Stirred gently and the solution turns green with a blueish layer on top
 The centre bubbles are called the bloom and you avoid that when immersing in the vat or you get ugly smears.
 I tied and folded and knotted a small selection of 10" squares/
 They were soaked in water before immersing in the Indigo Vat - I learnt that trick in Japan as it gives a more even coverage.
 Squeezed dry and then gently immersed into the vat and left for 10 mins. You can see the green underneath the top skin
 Here is the marbled piece taken out after 10 mins. They come out green but as soon as the air hits it - they turn blue.
 Pieces taken out of the vat.
And here are my pieces washed and iron and ready to be cut up and stitched.

I will be running this workshop at Berry Patchwork on February 20th 2015 so if you are interested in joining sign up soon as numbers are limited. If that date does not suit then watch my website to see when I will be running it in my home studio in the new year.

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