Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mottainai Quilt in Embellish Magazine

My quilt Mottainai is featured in the latest issue of Embellish Magazine

Mottainai is an untranslatable Japanese word that sort of relates to Waste not Want Not or Too good to waste. It was so good to see it featured at the Amuse Textile Museum in Tokyo where the BORO Exhibition really exemplifies the concept.

For this project I used the a second hand kimono which I picked apart to get metres and metres of useable fabric. 
I created thremofax screens for japanese words for Mottainai and recycle/reuse and printed the fabric.

 I also created a stamp using a Japanese tile design and embossed velvet

 I also used the cherry blossom stencil to embellish the completed quilt.

I am very pleased with the final result and will probably do more like this in the future


Neroli Henderson said...

Looks great Lisa, looking forward to seeing it!

They have done a really nice cover this issue too.

Martha said...

It is gorgeous, all the more so seeing the context and some detail. Thanks

Fran C said...

A lovely quilt Lisa and such interesting features.