Saturday, September 9, 2006

Susan Mathews Workshop

I have always loved Susan Mathews work and as I am not usually drawn to naturalistic work that is surprising . Her use of thread and textures is incredible and she is well deserving of the awards she wins.

I have just spent two days doing her Drawing with Thread Workshop and had a wonderful time. The first day was spent devloping skills of thread drawing to create line and texture and techniquest to draw some of her signature images of Australian plants like gumnut blossoms and bankias. This is my sample piece.

Day Two was spent taking an image and using these skills to draw it with thread. This photo of a gerbera was my starting point and by breaking it down into smaller elements created these small postcard size pieces.

They are still not finished as they have lots of stamens and pollen to be added but I thought I would show you anyway.
They will probably become part of a larger piece but if not I think they would make wonderful smaller works.


Caitlin said...

Beautiful work, Lisa! She's someone I'd love to do a workshop with, too.

Carol said...

This work is fab Lisa, well done. I am in the middle of experimenting with similar techniques for my college project but you seem to have got it straight away! Well done.

Anonymous said...

I am so envious. I did the Machine Embroidery Workshop the day before but had to work Thurs / Friday. It was worth it just to see Susan's work up close and personal. Hope to catch Drawing with thread in future.
Sue King (Kiama)

Elle said...

Love it! Her quilting and threadwork's incredible! Love your purple--so rich!

Micki said...

These are some great pieces. It is so textural.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

They're all fabb-o, but I LOVE the variegated threads radiating in the bottom picture...wonderful!

Cheers, Sarah

jenclair said...

What a wonderful workshop! I'm with elle on the intensity of that purple...Wow!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Lisa! I must have missed this page when i was reading before..
Cheers, Nola