Friday, June 8, 2007

In the Heat

It is very warm here in Bangkok which does tend to slow you down a lot. But I hear we are having torrential rain at home which is well overdue. Just hope my house is not flooding.
There are skyscrapers growing overnight here (or so it seems). This one is just near our apartment and I don't know about you but there is something very phallic about this building but I will leave that to you to decide.

Today we went to the weekend markets Chatachuk which - seeing as it is Friday - was pretty interesting as only a few stalls were open and the others were either closed or setting up for tomorrow. I have been there many times before and negotiating the completely incomprehensible labyrinth is impossible in the heat and crowds. Luckily the bead stall that I like is open on Fridays so it was found with relative ease.

Finding my way back to the train station was not as easy carrying an undisclosed weight of beads in 40degree temperatures but I managed.
Chatachuk is, however, a definite must see place for any visitor to Bangkok on a weekend as you can buy anything from turtles and rats to food, clothes, antiques, furniture, art, craft - just about anything. But tip for unwary travellers - if you see it, like it - BUY IT THEN. You will never find the stand again!

Japanese lunch followed (it was airconditioned) and then back home for a swim.
This is some street food which looked really tempting too.

Once we recovered it was back out to face yet another foot massage - well someone has to keep the economy going.

The Emporium is one of many glossy malls each with a Versace, MontBlanc, Cartier, etc etc store. I have never worked out why they need so many in Asian cities as they are invariably empty but never the less - they are there.

They have a wonderful food hall too with lots of samples - quite filling really if you go through the entire hall

Love the way these prawns were packed.

There was however a large display of Thai goods and I loved this quilt. Didn't buy it but did get a couple of dyed shirts in the same store.

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Ferret said...

OOh I love the building and the quilt, it looks amazing there