Sunday, December 9, 2007

In Bloom

For a couple of months a year we are woken before dawn and then driven mad all day by the screeching of Rainbow Lorikeets who like to feast on the new gum blossoms.
This photo is a public domain one as I can't get close enough to them to get a good photo as the trees are very tall and they are very fast.

These are the blossoms they are after and we have quite a few trees around us. Of course the gum nuts are really beautiful too and I am planning to use them in some future work.

Finally - on a garden theme and just to annoy Erica - here is todays crop of strawberries which I have beaten the snails to and am now revelling in the warm sweet flavour. I am as bad as those Lorikeets but not as noisy.

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Erica said...

You will be pleased to know that I have inspected my three (count them - three!) strawberry plants and have seen masses of flowers, so I am expecting a HUGE crop. After seeing your strawberry beds, though, I think I might plant some more...