Friday, January 11, 2008

Books to Devour

I heard an interview on radio a couple of weeks ago with Marlena De Blasi who was talking about her life in Italy in a little town called Orvieto. This rang a pleasant bell as we spent a little time there over Easter one year and it was one of those places you don't forget easily. It is a medieval village perched on a hill in Umbria.

She was so interesting that I decided to buy her book but on further exploration I discovered it was the third in a series. The first two - A Thousand Days in Venice (my favourite place in the world) and A Thousand Days in Tuscany (pretty special place too).

So as Amazon didn't seem to think the Orvieto one was out yet - I bought the first two.
She is a chef and a traveller and a romantic and is telling the tale of her love affair peppered with images of favourite places and food. What could be better.

I am already half way through the first one.


Rayna said...

Oooh - thanks, Lisa. I love Umbria and Venice is tied with Paris for my favorite place in the world. Now I know what I will buy for my next airplane trip!

WendyC said...

Hi Lisa
The Umbrian one is published under the name "Umbrian Secrets" I think. The Tuscan one was originally published here as "Dolce e Salata"


Gail P said...

Love your blog, just discovered it, and your work!! Thanks for the heads up about these books; I just finished French Dirt and am ready for another good read.

Nikki said...

A vicarious trip to Italy sounds delightful right now.