Thursday, January 10, 2008

Odd Fabric Find

I was in a charity/thrift/Salvation Army store today and this pair of pants caught my eye. Not to wear myself of course (my lower half is far too large) but the fabric is 100% silk and great colours. So for $5 I think I have a bargain.

It wasn't till I got it home I looked at the design more carefully and realised what a strange design. Can understand why someone gave it away but hopefully bits of it will appear in a quilt someday.


Christine said...

Lisa, what kind of pants were they? Boxers I'm guessing? Makes you wonder, doesn't it, what kind of person would want to wear them. Perhaps they were an unwanted gift? You could fussy cut the cowboys for a block centre for a Quilt for Keeps or something? What a great find, I think I'll have to start going to op shops again, but as we grew up pretty poor Mum had to dress us from Charity shops and I still travel back to my childhood everytime I step inside one, the "aroma" of pre-worn clothing is never forgotten, and never really washes out.
Thanks for sharing,
Christine in sunny Sydney.

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks Christine - no they were actually full size trousers. Makes you wonder what inspired a designer to design them but I can't wait to use them in a quilt!

Sarah E. said...

I'm reminded of Texas and tumbleweeds; what a cool print! Love to see what you come up with, or also would you be interested in swapping a piece?