Thursday, February 21, 2008

Melbourne & AQC Day 1

Another early start today as the AQC had a preview for delegates before the show opened and it was a wonderful way for them to check out everything before the general public came in and they had to go to class. Certainly a very happy bunch of ladies and many familiar faces. I was especially thrilled when some of last years customers brought in their completed projects with our fabrics. We sell so much fabric and it goes out into the world and we never see it again so this is alway a wonderful moment.

On the way to the tram stop (a novelty to me) we pass a vacant block of land which used to be a nursery I presume. It has a wonderful fence which was obviously created especially for it but now looks a bit lost. At least it has been retained which show appreciation for the work of street art.

There is also a little laneway which has some painted street art. Melbourne is quite famous for this type of laneway art so I will try and find more.

Tonight we are dragging our tired bodies back into the city to see Spamalot which I am really looking forward to.

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Twila Grace said...

Glad you posted pics of the fence. What a treasure, it would seem!