Saturday, February 23, 2008

Melbourne on a Saturday Night

Tonight we had a lovely walk to Akland St in St Kilda near to where we are staying. One of the many benefits of doing shows like the AQC out of town is the opportunity to have a mini holiday as well. We work hard during the day and are usually totally exhausted at the end but we have to eat don't we?
St Kilda is a beachside suburb of Melbourne and I spent many holidays here as a child as my parents had friends here.
The sun was setting as we walked down to the water.

Luna Park is a relic of the past and still open - definitely takes me back to my childhood.

Another allyway

Akland St is full of restaurants (and at least 4 cake shops).
We had such a multicultural (and some would say decadent evening)
Dinner at a Polish restaurant that had chicken soup and matzo balls (also a relic of my childhood) followed by an extremenly welcome Thai foot massage. Havn't had one since my last trip to bangkok nearly a year ago - not quite up the genuine standard but still very pleasant on these tired aching feet. The evening was topped up with a visit to a totally over the top desert at a South American chocolate restaurant. Thick hot chocolate with chocolate covered churros, ice cream and strawberries. Death by Chocolate!!!

As an aside - there was this really overweight guy who sat down at a table recently vacated by 4 others and proceeded to eat their remaining food. He cleared it all up and then had the nerve to ask us if we had any loose change to give him. Couldn't take a photo as it would have been a bit obvious but couldn't resist one from under the table. Actually I feel this fat now after all that chocolate.


Ann said...

Hi Lisa,
We had a park like this to go to as first roller coaster and love ... all in the same day! Oh...memories of Paragon Park on the beach in Hull, Massachusetts.
Haven't had chocolate for a week (intentionally)'re not helping. :-)
Thanks for sharing and, as always, I love your work!
Ann F.

Castorlux said...

Hola! Saludos desde Colombia.
Interesante blog. Te felicito.