Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wet Welcome

We arrived home from Melbourne pretty exhausted. My class went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I think enjoyed the slower more relaxing pace of a busy few days.

This afternoon we had a wonderful thunderstorm complete with hail. I don't think has rained for a while a our garden was pretty dry but this made up for it. We live just under the yellow (very heavy) patch near Sydney airport .

The gutters had trouble coping and the street completely flooded and there were whirlpools around the drains.

A car came through while we were watching - probably a bit too fast but who can resist a big puddle?

Managed to get my entry for the Sydney Quilt Show in the mail today and tomorrow we get all our stuff back from Melbourne so a day of carrying and unpacking. Then to start dyeing again to fill orders.

1 comment:

downunderdale said...

don't be greedy with that rain - send some to me!
Lovely to see you in Melbourne with all your beautiful fabrics - our stuff not back until Tuesday which is good really. Too much to do
ps love the pics - i took my camera but forgot to use it