Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seaside Village has Arrived

Just received the latest copy of Australian Quilters Companion which has my latest quilt Seaside Village featured as a project.

I really like this one - it is bright and cheerful as well as being dead easy. The issue also features a DVD of Deborah Louie demonstrating Machine Quilting so even better value.

I hope this quilt appeals as we have dyed lots of blues and greens for the kits.

What do you think? Comments appreciated.


Wireless said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! Lisa,

I love the quilt and can't wait for my copy of Quilters Companion to arrive.

Helen Stubbings said...

Love it Lisa, sure to be a hit

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
I love the colours and the overall brightness of the quilt - great effect. It was the best thing about this month's QC which I was a bit disappointed with.

Lisa Walton said...

just in case you are wondering - the first comment was spam advertising office chairs or something in German not a negative comment about the quilt.
regards -- lisa

Kim said...

As always Lisa, your dyed fabrics are wonderful and the quilting is always fantastic.

cat in tassie said...

I love these little houses - they have lots of character. Now I'll have to go buy Quilter's Companion before it sells out.

Christine Thresh said...

That is just darling.

aykayem said...

what cute little houses!
but to me they kind of look a bit African or something ... especially if one imagines that insted of the blueish greens there are golden brown fabrics ... ;-)
hmmm ... maybe I just tend to think of beach houses being on sand, rather than grass? LOL
(hmmmm - methinks that would work - blue sky, sand, and brightly coloured houses! ... well ... this is me here - of course I would have to be different!)