Friday, June 26, 2009

Studio in Use

I have actually spent some time in the studio this week preparing for a DVD I am doing in a couple of weeks.
I am still struggling trying to work out where to put things and am nowhere near it yet but each day I think of something so one day it will be perfect.
We have covered the design wall now. I bought 4m of 108" wide white flannel from Widebacks and it is perfect. It is just pinned to the caneite which is screwed to the wall. Great to have it all in one piece rather than the sheets I had before.

I keep moving the cutting table around and I am not sure I need both the fold up tables up all the time although the one that is the ironing table is a great size and height.

I have used the desk for some sitting down type work but havn't done much of that lately so not sure of its value yet. Time will tell I guess.

I also found a couple of things I don't use so have a 16" wooden quilting frame and a Fiskars ruler/cutter for sale at AUS$30 each.

I also have two thread racks still available at $40 each. They are all packed up ready to be mailed and the postage won't be anymore than $20 (for the two) as postage was checked to send them to WA which is about as far as they can go here in Australia so anywhere else will be cheaper.

Note- have been asked about my cutting mat - will post details ASAP.


Julie said...

Hi Lisa, Your studio looks great, and I bet your pleased as punch with it. I am sure you will find places for everything to go soon.I wanted to ask you where you got your light coloured cutting board from please? I have never seen one and think it may be better for me to use one too.
Cheers and blessings, Julie

Kelly HH said...

OMG! That is a big cutting board. And are they your beads in that book cupboard near the door? A bead for every occasion! A very impressive studio Lisa.
Kelly (one of your Aurora students from Cohuna - but as if you could forget me and my unpicker!)