Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hamilton Quilt & Craft Show

Yesterday we popped into the Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair for a look. We had been thinking of adding it to our regular shows but the logistics all got too hard. I am sort of glad we decided against it as we really were a bit tired and ready to come home.

It was amazing though - how many ladies came and said hello to me either from my workshops or even one lady who chased me down an aisle just to tell me how much she had enjoyed my talk at Auckland Quilters on Saturday.

However I did help out a couple of friends - Kerry at Tulis Textiles and Barrie at Wonderfil Speciality Threads so they could do their workshops. It was really funny dealing with the different currency and processes whilst trying to look like I knew what I was doing.

The displays were good although I was a little dissapointed in the numbers of quilts and fibres on display. The quality of the work was excellent but I guess I expected more entries. The Best of Show was a really interesting Art Deco inspired quilt.

We stayed in a B&B which was quite pleasant but I think my days of making polite conversation to total strangers while they make my breakfast are over. I enjoy being billeted but then I usually have something in common with my hosts but when you are paying for it I find it a bit of a struggle. But they did have some newborn lambs in the paddock outside.

We went to Bridal Falls which were very beautiful though. The first photo in the post is of the walk to the falls


Brenda said...

Love the lambs (makes me homesick for kiwi land!) and I know exactly what you mean about the polite conversation and forced bonhomie of B&B's. Give me a clean 3 star motel instead anyday.

Judy said...


Funny seeing you on spmeone else's stand sounds like it was fun, you were brave dealing with different currency. The Bridal Falls are beautiful a lovely place for a walk.

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