Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wonderful Works

I always love it when students and customers send me photos of their work made either in workshops or from our fabric.

Judy in the USA is a new member of our Monthly Metre Club and has already been inspired to make this landscape using her latest fabric. You can join up to the Club too at

I thought you might enjoy seeing the art quilt that I made from one monthly metre that you sent me. There is only one tiny piece of a mountain in the quilt that is not from one of your monthly metres. It is a scene adapted from a photo I took of some rice fields near Kyoto. I was absolutely fascinated when the metre arrived and I realized it had every color I needed from sky to green fields to mountains. The piece is a 12 inch square. Much thanks - I look forward to receiving many, many more metres.

These were some of the Fabrications quilts which were produced in my class for Western Quilters in Auckland


Maria said...

Love the landscape.

Your students have make some great quilts. Would you believe your "Breaking the Drought " is on my design wall LOL ( plastic tablecloth)

Anonymous said...

love that little red quilt