Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chair Update

Breakfast in the garden again - getting a little chilly now. I love this bush with its orange berries and purple flowers.

Today I took my new chair back - only to change it a little. It is terrific that they have a 14 day trial. I am really pleased with it and am already feeling that my lower spine is re-aligning itself. I have been doing a lot of sewing over the last two weeks and normally I can't sit for more than about an hour - now I am able to sit for 3-4 if I want to which is terrific.

I just felt I needed a size smaller as I had originally taken the largest one. Even better - they had some coloured ones on display in the showroom. I had originally taken boring black. Now I have purple and they gave me a significant discount to take this one. Evidently purple is not all that popular. But I love it so bonus all around.

I can really recommend these Bambach Saddle Chairs for sewing.

On the way home we stopped off for our favourite sushi lunch and next door is a herbal type store where I bought some soy melts for my oil burner in the studio. I was also sorely tempted by these soaps . Don't they look good enough to eat?
Maybe next time.

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