Saturday, August 14, 2010

20 Hours in Korea

One of the benefits of flying this route to London was the overnight stay in Seoul which makes a great break in a similar time zone and you are already half way there.

We had a great flight - in fact - made even better by the fact that we were the only passengers in our cabin. We had great service - so attentive.

My favourite bit is when they actually bake fresh biscuits and the smell wafts throughout the cabin. I have to mention that we are flying Korean Air as they have an affordable and quite comfortable Business Class - an indulgence carried over from when I used to work for Qantas and got used to flying this way. Only once every few years but so worth it for the long distance so please forgive me.
This was part of my breakfast - I ordered the Korean porridge as I am partial to rice porridge. The pickles are a delicious addition as the porridge is very bland but great comfort food.

Unfortunately the hotel is near the airport which is about an hour by bus out of the city and transport is a bit risky (well it was last time) so we stayed put.
Although a big 6 story shopping mall had appeared next to our hotel since the last visit - it was completely derelict. Someone's dream had obviously gone up in smoke so we retreated back into the cool hotel (28 degrees and very humid outside)

Dinner and breakfast buffets were supplied and I loved this desert of mango mouse - only a couple of mouthfuls in the serve but delicious.

Breakfast was pretty good too with an amazing selection of Korean and Japanese and Western options. This was the bakery selection and I had a Belgium Waffle with berries.

In a concession to local culture there are pojagi in the bedroom and the bathroom but apart from that - you could have been in any hotel room anywhere.

Of course a trip to Seoul airport is not complete until you have driven past the amazing sculpture shown above. The bus driver must have gathered what I was after as I pulled out my camera and slowed down on the freeway just so I could take a picture. I know I showed it on my blog when we were last here but I have lots of new readers.

Onward to London now and I can't wait to see my son very soon. It has been too long.


Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

Thanks for photos I feel as if I'm with you.

Sooziii said...

Could the sculpture get much more phallic

Enjoying 'travelling' with you ... thanks

Suzanne said...

Wow...that plane was very empty. I had a flight like that once from LA to London-stretched out across four seats in the middle to sleep. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.