Thursday, August 12, 2010

O is for Octopus

Jodie did my Creative Beading class recently and I was thrilled to get this photo of her lovely ATC.
This is what she said in her email - isn't it a joy when you can give people permission just to have fun,

I never thought I would be able to manage something like that with all those little beads & stitching. In my first solo attempt I blinged up a little octopus on my O is for ATC. Surprise, surprise, NOT! It has 8 little free hanging beaded legs and outlined body. The comments I have received from the recipients have been amazing. So thanks for adding a new dimension to my work and for allowing me to start believing that I am able and can do things, even if it is slowly.


Anne said...

That is adorable!

Chriss said...

It sure is adorable, and how good is it to be able to step outside the box. A lovely piece of work.

Judy said...


what a lively little ATC, I know how Jodie feels, she's very clever. When I bought one of your Aurora kits and managed it all on my own I was so thrilled I could do beading something I never dreamed I would do. A complement to your instructions which left nothing to doubt.