Thursday, September 9, 2010

Berry Time

I am amazed at all the berries we see everywhere here in England.
Apart from the blackberries below which I know I can eat - although avoid any at dog leg height - I am not brave enough to eat any of these other ones.

I do think these ones are rosehips.

No idea what these are.


Amo House said...

Last two elderberries and guelder rose. You can't beat English hedgerows! Glad you are enjoying yourself too.

Judy said...


What a wonderful trip you and Peter are having great places to teach, and to stay thanks for all the pics.

Aart said...

Hello Lisa, the name of the black berries is SAMBUCUS NIGRA, the berries are good for the health. Look at wikipedia for the text.

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Those are the most beauteous rosehips I ever did see!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Yes...I thought the black ones were elderberry, so glad someone who knew for sure confirmed. Elderberry jelly is scrumptious....perfect with scones and clotted cream if you've a yen for a change from strawberry jam!

Looks like a wonderful trip! Stay safe, healthy, and soak up all that glorious inspiritation! Speaking of which, YOU are an inspiration in making all this happen...congrats you international teacher you!!! Can't wait to see you in Houston,


Lorchen said...

My grandmother's elderberry cordial kept the whole family healthy all winter, years ago, because of the high vitamin C content. And elderberry wine was just for the adult, so I don't know what it tasted like.