Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stepping Back in Time

We stayed at the lovely Melon Cottage while we were at Midsomer. It was perfect and there was something quite magical about our large comfortable room with stone windows looking out on the garden. It was made even more special by the fact that there was a Jane Austen movie on TV the very night after we had spent the day in Bath where she had lived for a time.

Peter even helped our hostess Virginia pick some plums from the heavily laden trees.

This bridge in Bath was based on the bridges in Venice and Florence and has little shops all along it.

This was the most incredible window display. Over 240 sewing machines on shelves. Unfortunately it was too difficult to get a good photo from outside so I snuck in and took one just to show you but you don't get the full effect.

The river just under the bridge.

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